If you like it, I love it … Maybe …

to_like_or_not_to_like_mouse_pad-r1cc8bf5f120a47e49e8a3559ac8710ab_x74vi_8byvr_512“If you like it, I love it.” The first time I heard that I laughed. Maybe because it was coming from a veteran police officer with a grin on his face or maybe because it just sounded funny, I don’t know.

But the more I thought about that saying, the more I took a shine to it.

You know, I think there would be less fussing, less disagreements, less slamming people in Facebook posts and possibly, less fighting if we all kind of took that attitude. Life is too short to be fussy.

No, I don’t mean that we all have to like the same things or dislike the same things. Just if we had more of compromising way of looking at things?

Under this category, I will be reviewing books, movies, food, restaurants, songs and maybe even, um, pajama pants. You will be able to search categories for these things.

I won’t be getting paid to do the reviews, and I won’t always like things. But I will be exercising my right to express myself.

My hope is that you feedback your expressions as well – just remember I reserve the right to delete any profanity or slanderous or defamation of character type stuff. Let’s keep it honest, but light, ok?

(Becky Holland/TCM INK/2016)

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