It’s all about the dog

10171901_233967706950621_412127328654283585_nEveryone who knows me that I have a dog, and that I love my dog. His name is Toby, and we have been together for three years – which is all of his life – well, except for three months of it.

Toby is a Pug/Terrier mix male. He has a personality of his own, and we have had a lot of interesting adventures together – some funny, some not.

You can’t expect me not to write something without him in it, but under this category will be the adventures that focus on him – like the day he pooped in the middle of aisle one of the pet store.

Dogs are more than just dogs – they are friends, buddies and comforts. Or at least Toby has been that for me – he also keeps me from focusing too much on myself.

So for his stories, come to this category. There will be a ton, I am sure.

(Becky Holland/The Crazy Mutt Ink/2016)

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