No Holds Barred

No-Holds-Barred---AliSometimes I think, if we all just were honest with each other, honest in a respectful way, about feelings, thoughts and ideas, that we would be less stressed and less dysfunctional.

If we took the “no holds barred” approach with dignity and respect, what do you think would happen? I am not talking about being cruel or ugly or fussy.

If someone does wrong, call them on it. Don’t make an excuse for their behavior. If someone is walking into a situation that he or she doesn’t need to be going into, tell them. Don’t worry if it is really none of your business. Do you care about them?  Most sane people won’t hold grudges. Well, unless they already have a chip on their shoulders from who knows what.

As a newspaper reporter, I couldn’t give my opinions. I couldn’t use the power of the pen to persuade. I had to inform, give both sides. As a Christian, I believe in fairness, true enough, and listening to both sides of the story, but I don’t think we have to make ourselves sick by holding some of our words in.

Here in my “No Holds Barred” section, I will play editor again and give editorial thoughts – my opinion on current issues in government, education, health care and politics on the local and state level.

I will raise questions for sure, and I will ask questions. i was told twice in the last year that I ask too many questions. If you don’t ask, how will you Learn.

(Becky Holland/The Crazy Mutt Ink/2016)

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