New flavors of M&M’s at Marshall Walmart

FullSizeRenderWalmart employees were busily filling up an aisle near the cash register with packages of M&Ms – on sale for less than a $1.00. There was a red bag, a coffee with milk colored bag and a lighter brownish-yellow bag.

Upon further investigation – being a longtime fan of the little chocolate candies thanks to my mom – I found that the Mars Candy Company was introducing new flavors of the sweet treats.

First to catch the eye was the red bag with an M&M holding a red chili pepper. Yes, Chili Nut M&Ms. Being one who likes spicy and salty foods better than sweet, I grabbed several of the red bags. Next, in the brownish-yellow bag was the Honey Nut M&Ms and the next was the Coffee Nut M&Ms.

It was Friday night, and there was nothing else on the agenda, so why not taste the new flavors?
The cashier looked at me oddly – “Chili Nut M&Ms?” I just grinned.

M&M’s were first made public in 1941 by Forrest Mars, Sr. He was inspired to create the candy after he saw soldiers eating chocolate pellets with a hard shell during the War. The candy was made with a hard shell so that the soldiers could carry the chocolate during warm weather – or so the story goes.

And now, in 2016, Mars Candy Company is celebrating the 75th birthday by offering the new flavors for the peanut M&Ms – which were introduced in the early to mid 1950s. Only one of the new flavors will stay – with the winner being determined by voters.

One would expect the Coffee Nut M&M’s to taste, well, like coffee. They did – the Coffee Nut M&Ms taste like coffee beans that have yet to be processed but have been picked off the plant. Some people may like that bitter coffee taste, but not me. I can’t give the Coffee Nut M&Ms an excellent rating as I am not a coffee drinker anyway or a big fan of coffee unless it has a lot of milk in it. If you are coffee junkie, like my dad, you’ll like these Coffee Nut M&M’s. For me, the after taste killed the adventure with that flavor.

Next up was the Honey Nut M&M’s. I love honey and believe in the power of honey against allergies and other things that ail you. The Honey Nut M&Ms weren’t bad. In fact, to call these M&Ms the “sweet” ones would be overstating it. There was just the right dash of sweetness in biting into the Honey Nut M&M mixed in with the boldness of the chocolate coating, The taste wasn’t overpowering as the Coffee Nut M&Ms were. I was liking the Honey Nut M&Ms.

Then I tried the Chili Nut M&M’s. Before opening the bag, I noticed the little M&M character was sweating as he held the chili pepper. The adventurous side of love of food, and all things spicy, smiled. I opened the bag, and waited to be overcome with the smell of heat. It wasn’t there, nor was the aroma of chocolate that one normally gets when opening a bag of M&Ms. I put one in my mouth, and let it melt for a minute – expecting to have my sinuses cleared. My sinuses didn’t clear – but I will tell you that was the best M&M candy I have had in a long time. There was a little bit of chocolatey sweetness, but the pepper taste added enough kick to cause my taste buds to do a happy dance. I will be voting for these to stay.

If you want to try the new flavors of the peanut M&Ms, I found mine in the Marshall Walmart at the end of an aisle near a cash register on the side that the Subway Restaurant is on. I am sure any Walmart has them.
To vote for your favorite flavor, visit the to register your choice.

(Becky Holland/TCM INK/2016)

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