Everything is better with bacon – even pine bark bacon

bacon1By Becky Holland, thecrazymuttink@gmail.com
Pine trees fill the landscape from the state line to Tyler. East Texas is nicknamed the “Piney Woods” because of the plethora of trees.

Kids climb the trees, play hide-n-seek behind the trees and families enjoy picnics under the pine trees.

From antiseptics to waterproofing to shelter, pine trees have many uses.

Pine trees can even be a source of food – yup, if you are lost in the woods, and hungry – all you need to do is fry up some pine bark. Native Americans included the inner bark of pines and other trees as an important part of their diet.

In fact, once the inner bark is peeled from the tree, it is fried over a fire until it becomes crispy. I can just smell the bacon, I mean the pine bark, frying over here, can’t you?

Bacon has become so extremely popular over the years – you can get most anything bacon-oriented. There is bacon ice cream, bacon-infused vodka, bacon soap and bacon-smelling candles.

Sonic has a bacon milkshake.

So why not pine bark bacon?

Everything is better with bacon.

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