Editorial: Eric Bisher for Bleckley County Commissioner

By Becky Holland, thecrazymuttink@gmail.com

13234796_10153873490961749_1995043947_oElection time is drawing near in my hometown of Cochran, Georgia. Though I have not lived there or been registered to vote there in a number of years, I still like to keep an eye out on what is going on – who is running for city council or who is running for this or that.

My parents live there still, and so do my sister, Tracey’s kids and their kids. My grandparents are buried there. The most treasured friends I have are from Cochran, and some still live there. My upbringing in Cochran consisted of being family-oriented, Christian, and well, all the other good character qualities that come from being a part of a small town community has been important in my all-around development.

I ‘bleed’ purple and gold(Go Bleckley County Royals), and always will. I have never been able to give my opinion on politics or campaigns because of my profession as a journalist, but I watch. This will be the first time in 25 years that I have come out publicly for a candidate on any level.

All through school, and in particular in U.S. History and Government classes, we were taught and encouraged to be a part of our community – volunteer, work, support community activities, and when we were old enough to vote, that was something we did proudly. Who wouldn’t want to wear the ‘I voted’ sticker all day. Our voting in local, state and national elections entitles us to say the things we say – the complaints and praises – about our government. Voting is like, well, it is your voice. If you don’t let your voice be heard, then don’t come crying to the table or to the commission meeting about something you don’t like.

This leads me to the cause of this rambling. In Bleckley County, Bleckley County residents will have a chance to choose between longtime Bleckley County Commissioner Bob Brockman and former Cochran City Councilman Eric Bisher.Though Mr. Brockman has had some years of success as county commissioner, I would have to say if I were in Bleckley County right now, my vote would go for Eric Bisher.

Why? I know Eric. Eric and I are the same age. We both graduated from Bleckley County High School in 1988. Through the years, I have observed Eric with his own family and in the Cochran workforce. I have watched Eric give of his own time and money to many causes, and help a number of individuals get past tough times.

Several years ago, Eric married another classmate of ours, Staci. They continue to serve our community in different avenues – one of which is helping find homes for stray animals. I have heard tell of stories of the two of them rescuing dogs and cats from various locations and during all kinds of weather. Not only does this help save the tax payers of Bleckley County money, the Bishers have given to families companions that have become lifelong friends.

Not only does Eric see what Bleckley County could become, through his education and work experience, he has the resources and knowledge to guide it that way.

Look at his credentials – 25 years as a business manager, 13 years in public service in city and county government and civic organizations, management of up to 450 employees, financial and budget management experience in dealing with up to $5 million a year and the president for District 9 for Georgia Municipal Association.

The list is continuous of just how Eric Bisher could bring Bleckley County forward.13242278_10153873492161749_1086447678_o

Eric Bisher could have gone a zillion different places after high school. Yet, he remained in his hometown working hard to provide for his family, while at the same time giving back to the community that helped him be Eric Bisher.  Most of us who grew up in Cochran had left Cochran – Eric didn’t leave Cochran or his Cochran roots. He has been doing his part to moving Cochran and Bleckley County forward.

That one aspect is key to proving Eric Bisher the right man for the job in my book.

You won’t find Eric bragging about his accomplishments or expecting any kind of praise or acknowledgment for any of the work he has done outside of his normal 8 to 5 job or  when he served as a city commissioner.

Because of his well-rounded, personable and compassionate personality, Eric has made friends of people of all ages, sizes, genders and races in Bleckley County. As a communicator, he rates high on the scale, for he can talk with anyone. More importantly, Eric is a listener.

If I know Eric, and we have not seen each other in at least four years or spoken since then, he will probably get a little red in the face in embarrassment over this writing. That is the humble side of Eric.

On May 24, Bleckley County, I would encourage you to go to the polls and vote. Before you do, get educated. Don’t pay attention to negative mud-slinging or things you might hear or see on Facebook or Twitter. Get to know the candidates – talk to them one on one.

If you don’t already know Eric Bisher, you should

You will discover, he is the right man for the job of Bleckley County Commissioner.

Vote May 24 in Bleckley County, Georgia, for Eric Bisher for Bleckley County Commissioner.


(This editorial was written by own free will by Becky Holland, TCM Ink, 2016)

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