Becky Holland: Don’t be scairt

10402900_236235720057153_461506909055283716_nIt has been a while since I have written anything on my blog – the last few months, my life has been full of writing – writing for other people and other websites. No complaints here, but I do apologize – I for one hate it when a blog I have subscribed to hasn’t been updated in months.

It is about 9:48 p.m. on Saturday night, and Toby and I were watching the movie ‘Zootopia’ on my laptop when all of a sudden this buzzing swarmed above our head, and it sounded like there was an army of flying creatures after us.
I ducked, and Toby, well, Toby ran and hid under my kitchen dining chair I was using as a prop for my laptop. His sweet precious eyes were as big a two Milk Duds put together.

It was just a bee flying overhead. It is stuck somewhere in the apartment. As long as it stays on the ceiling and doesn’t bother me, I am fine. I looked at Toby and said, ‘Don’t be scairt.’

The dog on the other hand, well, he is a little weirded out.Which is funny.  I have seen him stand toe to toe with a Great Dane and a German Shepherd, and of course the Pest Control man.

But the little bee sends him scouring for cover, even if it is underneath my arm.

Does that mean my dog is a coward? Well, let’s just be nice to Tobster, and for the sake of this rambling, say no.

Isn’t always the littlest things that seem to scare us humans too? As a kid, I was not afraid of much – except snakes. Snakes may be little to an elephant, but to me, mmnope, can’t stand them.

Question though. I have been around numerous snakes since I was little. In fact, when I was five or six, I saw a snake’s head sticking out of our garage door. I was not sure if it was real or not, so I touched top of the head. It hissed, and I jumped back.

I got a lecture on my curiosity. I think one of my older siblings actually challenged me to touch it too. I have always been too trusting.

That snake didn’t bite me. It could have. But I think it was more afraid of me than I was of him.

A few Sundays ago, a snake showed up on my patio at my apartment. The dog saw it first, and growled. I saw it and slammed the door, throwing dog inside. I watched it for a good 10 to 15 minutes until I decided I couldn’t deal with it. My landlord was sending our maintenance guy to take care of it.

But I don’t think he was going to be able to get there right away. I Facebooked a friend looking for her son and husband. When I sent her a picture of the snake, she messaged me back and said her hubby was on his way.

We didn’t have anything for him to get the snake right then. He chased it out of the porch area and we looked. It was in the flower bed, and then crawled back in.

That is when I realized how big it was.

An animal control officer came and got it. Our maintenance guy showed up an hour or so later as the animal control officer was leaving.

It took me two days before I could go out on my patio.

Toby, on the day I opened the door, immediately ran like a ninja dog to where the snake had been and looked, sniffed and barked, then came back in.

Had I bothered the snake or stepped on it, it might have done something to me. Had Toby done something to the snake, it probably would have bothered Toby or bit him.

Note I said – had we bothered it.

A lot of times, the little things we fear really aren’t worth fearing. You know?

Just some late night Saturday night thoughts.

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