‘Standing in the gap’ for Orlando

By Becky Holland, thecrazymuttink@gmail.com

Just a few days ago, a massacre happened at a night club in Orlando, Florida. The club was known for being an LGBT gathering place. 49 people died at the hands of a man with a gun.

Was it truly a hate crime against homosexuals? Was it truly a crime planned by Isis? Was it just a crime planned by a man with mental issues?

There has been a lot of talk, a lot of evidence and a lot of assumptions about WHY. Something will be penned down sure enough – be it the real true reason, who will know? Only the gunman knew.

As soon as it happened, it appeared that no one gave any thought to the mothers, the fathers, the sisters,the brothers, the family, the loved ones or coworkers of those who were shot and killed or severely injured. No one thought about the people who had to come to the scene – the horrific scene. No one thought about the doctors, nurses and emergency personnel at the hospital who worked very hard to save lives and who had the hard assignment of pronouncing some as dead.

No one gave a thought to the pets – the dogs and cats who would never smell the hands, feel the touches or go walking or running with their owners.
This society first began hollering “Hate crime” “Homophobia” “Isis” “Antigays” “Gun control now” “Guns should be banned,” “Stricter laws”. Friends were feuding on Facebook, Twitter and in person. The mass media wasn’t helping any as they were stirring the pot as each minute brought some new bit of information. Even tonight at a vigil in Marshall, Texas, those who are gay and support homosexuals were trying to make the event about the city of Marshall accepting their lifestyle choices.

No one thought about the pain that grandmother was going through or that mother – the pain of grieving and the pain of having her son or daughter or grandchild’s name raked through the mud because of lifestyle choices or habits.

It was an immediate battle of words from the government to the citizens having coffee at McDonald’s.

Tonight, Toby, my dog and I braved the summer heat and went to the courthouse in Marshall, Texas. My friend, Demetria McFarland is the president and founder of Marshall Against Violence. Her group decided to hold a prayer vigil for the city of Orlando.

Demetria is a Christian, and she said, “I don’t support that lifestyle and don’t believe it is right, but we are not praying about that or for them – we are praying for humanity.”

I saw a few other Christians there who share the same stance as Demetria – like our fire chief and a few business people. But they were there.

As a Christian, Demetria and many there were exhibiting that, as do most of Marshall. Not all Christians, not all spiritual folks are homophobic because they choose to disagree with that lifestyle – in fact, most true Christians probably love homosexuals more than they love each other. Why?

God says we are to do it. We are not to judge. We are not to assume things about each other. We are not to spout hate. We are not to prejudge. We are not to gossip. We are not slander. We are not bully one another.

We are to love one another as we love ourselves, even if we don’t agree with each other.

Plain and simple and in black and white in the Bible.

That is why I was there tonight just like several others – as Christians doing our duty as Christians – loving one another.  We were to stand in the gap to pray and intercede for our fellow folks in Orlando.

Now Toby was there just because he wanted to for a ride in the car.





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