Youth invade Marshall this week

They came without fanfare, without  publicity and moved about quietly touching lives of many in Marshall as humbly as they could.

Teenagers from all over were in Marshall this week as part of the Mission 58 camp that was held at East Texas Baptist University.

Groups partnered with area ministries to help with projects and lead in backyard bible clubs, Vacation Bible Schools, construction projects, food pantry projects and led in sports camps. They also visited in hospitals.

According to the Mission 58 mission, the purpose is to teach youth how to spread the Gospel (of God) to a world in need, In Marshall, Longview and Shreveport, they served in different areas. Prior to getting out in the community, they had worship times and Bible study times.

In Marshall, you might have noticed them handing out flyers about Mission Marshall or doing some painting on a house on Houston Street or washing cars.

While they washed cars, they didn’t ask for donations. In fact, they gave those who came to have their cars washed $1 and shared the Gospel and about Jesus’ love. .

The campers will head back home Friday. There wasn’t any press coverage. There weren’t any recognition services from the city for what they did. These kids and adults didn’t mind. They spent the whole week loving on children they will never see, helping in neighborhoods they may never visit again and even giving of their own things – like a Bible because a child didn’t have one.

Members of Madisonville’s First Baptist Church – led by friends of mine and was my church I was a member of in Madisonville – participated in the camp as they did last year. They  led in sports’ camps at area parks. They even came and helped me with a project.

Humbly and quietly they served without wanting or needing a spotlight – isn’t that how it is supposed to be?

For more information about Mission 58, visit the website at

(Photos by APC)

(Becky Holland/TCM Ink/2016)


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