Green beans for breakfast


I have never been much of a breakfast person – when I was younger, it was a Coke and a honey bun or a cinnamon roll or something hot, fast and quick from the local fast food place.

My mom would make sure we always had breakfast before school, and it was always delicious. She had breakfast on Sundays – and sometimes on Saturdays. I do miss her blueberry pancakes.

Ah, blueberry pancakes ….

This morning, I got up, plenty early enough to make some breakfast and eat at home with the Tobster. I got ready for work – it doesn’t take me long since no make-up is allowed on my sensitive-skinned face. Toby and I went outside for a little longer than usual. I put him up, and headed out the door.

I got to work early – even with the sun shining in my face and heavy traffic. That is when ole’ Matilda (my hunger chamber a.k.a my stomach) reminded me – I was hungry.

The day before I had brought some green beans from home for a vegetarian lunch, but ended up eating, TACOS – surprise, surprise. (The folks at Taco Bell are beginning to know who I am. I am the one who orders the two soft tacos and the “apple soda” because I can’t pronounce Manzata Sol(I probably can’t spell it either.)

Green beans for breakfast? Why are you frowning? Probably the same reason I was.
Green beans are not supposed to be for breakfast. Green beans do offer a lot of nutrition – they have good vitamins, minerals, fibers, protein, calcium, iron and etc. Plus green beans are a rich source of Omega-3 fats.

So, the green beans aren’t bad for you.

But for breakfast?

Green beans are pretty tasty too.

So green beans for breakfast may not be so bad.

Lesson learned: Don’t judge a book by its cover – you might miss an interesting read.






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