Becky Holland: No Gray Area

thBSPEL78HMy little family has been in our new home for four weeks now. Boy, time flies when you are having fun. During our first four weeks, we have met a plethora of people, moved into a house bigger than we are all used too, been invited to ride in a speed boat, visited a potter, gone to several meetings, interviewed a clown and tasted some fine blueberries grown in the area.

And it gets better every day.

Of course, with a dog like Toby around, how could we not expect it to be good?

Toby, for the most part, is a loving dog. He does have his peculiarities. People expect because he is a little dog that he couldn’t hurt a fly or flea. Strangers and certain types of people have discovered differently – he doesn’t take too teasing nor does he take to folks who smoke, drink or smell a certain way.

He is fierce in that way. He is a great watchdog. When we are outside and people pass by – walking, running, riding bikes or driving – he lets them know who’s boss. His tail wagging doesn’t always mean he is happy. Hence the reason for the warning signs posted around our house. “Beware of dog.”

With that being said though, Toby is a loving dog. If he likes you, you will know it. He will come over and let you pat him, might even jump on you to show you some affection or challenge you to a stare down game.

With his deep, big beautiful brown eyes, he normally will win that game.

When you become one of Toby’s people – or as we like to say, if you become a part of his ‘inner circle,’ you are set for life with doggy licks, kisses and lovin’.

You have to earn it though. It being his respect and his trust. He doesn’t give freely.
It is all black and white with Toby. There are no gray areas.

The political campaigns are in high gear now – especially with the convention past us. The nation is in turmoil because of violence against law enforcement and against certain races. Every group is hollering for equality and justice for one reason or another. It is almost as if we have got about 1,000 folks pulling our flag – ole’ Glory in 1,000 different directions. Social media is full of opinions these days. It is like every day something new is happening.

There seems to be a lot of gray areas about life issues – thanks to the call for everyone to be politically correct about everything.

Today, I had a man come in the paper, and we talked about religion for a few minutes. He said he is not an atheist and yet, he is not a true believer. He doesn’t see how anyone can prove there is a God and how anyone can prove there isn’t a God.

He said people talk about God giving us choices, but how can that be when God already knows what we are going to do – is it truly freewill then? He said there is a lot of gray area where God’s concerned.

After he left, I thought about it for a minute. I told him – I am a Christian, and I make mistakes daily. I know without a doubt that God is there for me, and I believe Him. He gives me choices to live the way He has planned. He may know what I am about to do or say or what choices I am going to make, and a lot of times, those choices eventually lead me to the way that was destined for me by Him – sometimes, regretfully, they don’t.  All I know in my life, God has always showed up and showed out – even when I didn’t deserve it. Even when I didn’t make the wise choice. The Bible is true. I go by it. Not by anyone’s interpretation of it – but as it was written and as God shares it.

And that is enough for me. That is one thing I learned from Toby – my dog. Life is pretty simple – make the right choices, keep moving forward. Make the wrong choices, keep moving forward. If you like someone, great. If you don’t, it is OK too. Just keep moving forward. There is no gray area. Especially where God’s love is concerned.

And that is the truth.
Becky Holland/TCM Ink 2016

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