Becky Holland: I back ’em all

Maybe I am being silly – and don’t get me wrong – I support police officers as long as they do right and follow the law and oaths they take. But it seems like we forget our highway patrol officers and our Sheriff’s Departments sometimes. 
They don’t all wear blue.
They being Law Enforcement.  Each law enforcement agency has specific duties, roles and powers bestowed upon them to keep us all safe. Sheriff Departments wear BROWN for the most part. DPS – a dark blue or black.
I don’t think any law enforcement agency is better than the rest. I just think we should REMEMBER them all, PRAY for them all and not lump them under just the term ‘police’ or ‘backing the blue.’
With that being said, we need to also remember our Dispatchers. Ya’ll, I have watched too many dispatchers in action. They may not be on the front line, with the Kevlar vests on and arresting folks – but if it wasn’t for them – police, sheriff, highway patrol, fire and EMS wouldn’t be able to do their jobs. Plus dispatchers have to know directions, locations, lots of terms, and well, I think they are seriously affected too when the violence happens, Why? Well, they are a vital part of the team – communication is key.
Then, I think we would be remiss if we didn’t give some serious powerful prayers for our firefighters who wear RED and our EMS and Lifeflight PARAMEDICS.  When the shootings take place – who do you think runs in to save lives – yeah, that was an ambulance driver you saw pulling his bus between the shooter and those injured. That was a lifeflight paramedic who ran (not under cover) to get those seriously injured to care.
When you are putting up signs saying you “back the blue” or you support a specific police department – think about it. Add your Sheriff’s Department, your Highway Patrol, your Game Wardens, your EMS crews, Dispatchers and Firefighters. Because when you say you back the blue – you are lumping everyone into one group – and they are not the same.
I back ’em all, what about you?
(Becky Holland/TCM INK 2016)

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