Becky Holland: Goofs in the news

cropped-c55a64df7a23400f69a29f108868bbed.jpgMost people have a certain ideal of what a newspaper office is like. Ironically, the conception that the everyday Joe and Jane have of how a newspaper works is a bit off.

But that is OK. We journalists like to have an air of mystery about us – keeps people guessing. (I say that tongue in cheek and with a smile on my face. Those who know – know better.)

If you really knew what goes on a newsroom – no matter the size of the newspaper – you’d probably think we were all one step away from being permanent residents of Tyler’s Caldwell Zoo’s monkey area.

Even Walter Cronkite had his moments of chaos. Ask any esteemed, longtime journalist – print or broadcast – and they will tell you – the things that happen or are heard in a newsroom can be comical and do leave us scratching our heads at times.

The office of the Statesman isn’t immune to imperfections. In other words, we do goof or we do goofy things or say goofy things. The dog has been a part of the goofy in the newsroom for me for the past three years. In fact, on July 5, we celebrated our third year anniversary of being companions.

When Toby was a puppy, he came to the office a few times with me. I had an intern, so the her job was to be a Toby cuddler sometimes. Being Managing Editor gave me certain benefits …. (I am smiling.)

One thing about a puppy that you have to remember is that he or she has to go outside several times a day to do his or her business.

Toby was exploring the layout room – which doubled as the ‘newsroom’ office one day. It was in the afternoon on a Saturday or Sunday. It was just me , Toby and my publisher had come in to do some work in his office.

I was in the middle of getting some layout work done a little early when all of a sudden, I realized Toby was missing.

I looked up. Toby had decided to do his business on a stack of old newspapers we had left in the middle of the room.

My boss laughed, and walked back in his office.

“Well, that was truly poetic justice,” my boss called.

Toby looked from me to my boss’s door, and wagged his tail.

Don’t think there is much more to be said about that.

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