Becky Holland: The Golden Years

old-man-reading-to-kids-350She sat on the front porch – her white hair  tousled, her skin dry and several wrinkles placed on her face and hands. Mrs. P’s  voice was feeble, and her thought process was a little slower than most.In fact, one might say, it was a bit befuddled – with her memory.

Mrs. P watched as cars rode by on the street, kids walked by and different people walked their dogs. She would wave and call out. Most would just wave at her.

All  Mrs. P wanted was for someone to come and sit with her a while – and just visit.

She was not alone in her feelings either. It is pretty definite that many people just like her – over the age of 65 – wouldn’t mind having someone to just come visit.

Mrs. P was in her 80s.

When people reach a certain age – they are called seniors or that era in their lives are called the Golden Years.

Most people tend to overlook those who are in their golden years. The aging process tends tumblr_njbvc1T27G1un9xm7o1_1280.jpgto make those of us who are not there yet – sad. When you are sad, what happens? You tend to look the other way.

I know I do. I know there are times when I tend to want to look the other way with senior citizens. I half listen or hurry through a conversation. Don’t point your fingers at me – everyone of you reading this has been guilty of that at one time or another.

It is the nature of the human race today.

We all get so busy and wrapped up in our own little worlds. I hear it all the time lately about All Lives matter. Do they really?

My parents are in their golden years. So are my aunts and uncles. They don’t necessarily look like they are in their 70s and 80s, but they are.With that age milestone, it is expected that health – mental and physical be effected.

I am blessed that my parents are still here. Now, I will tell you that I am not perfect, and I still tend to not be so patient with older people. But I have a different perspective. We all are going to get older. Our parents are older.

If we want them to be treated with respect, then we should treat other seniors with respect, and take a little time. Not just out of obligation, but because it is the right tight thing to do.

Remember the Golden Rule – well, it applies to those in their Golden Years. (c)TCM INK 2016



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