Becky Holland: The talk that never ends

images“God , you are good. God I need help, and so do they …” A simple prayer that speaks volumes.

Say it out loud, “God, you are good. God, I need help, and so do they …” Max Lucado introduced this prayer during a series of studying he led about prayer. It is a reflection of sorts to remind us that simply, God has our life in His hands. He has our friends’ lives in His Hands. He loves us unconditionally. All we need to do is just pray, and have a conversation with the Lord.

I talk at God, I talk to God, but I don’t always listen or talk with God. I am just as normal as you. There are times when I don’t go to church and I stay inside the house. There are times when I don’t pray when I should – same as having meditation time, Bible reading time.

And my goodness, I have been a Christian since I was seven. My dad is an ordained Southern Baptist minister. My grandpa was the best ordained Southern Baptist preacher I know. My uncles were preachers. My mom was the associational Womens’ Missionary Union Director. I loved church. I didn’t mind going. I was even on staff at one time as a children’s minister.

Church was a good thing. Then as I got older, I stopped going as much. I stopped doing as much. When I did things, it didn’t feel right – like I was there out of obligation. That I was participating in the ‘performance’ that happens at churches today, and I was forgetting the message.

That is when God and I started a hard conversation – it was a conversation that took me through some of the deepest pits everyday life could offer –  and sometimes left me, desperate, lonely, broken hearted, financially distraught and then other changes happened in my life and relationships that I didn’t like.

God gave me a fierce talking to through several incidents, several people and somethings that didn’t involve me bu allowed me to see what ‘ugly’ really was. I have argued and probably will continue to argue with God. He will speak bluntly to me as He has.

I don’t know why any of us just don’t give in totally to Him? I know we say we do. But I also have been here 46 years, and I have seen myself. I also, in my profession, have seen the best and worst of my fellow men and women.

Being a Christian isn’t easy. You should be prepared for some enlightening, hard to face, real conversation with the man upstairs.

It is a conversation that never ends.

And i am glad. It reminds me that I am second. Be encouraged – cause when God talks to you like this – He is really trying to keep you straight and is watching out for you.

Becky Holland/TCM Ink 2016



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