Book Two is Out

41kypgn7hul-_sx331_bo1204203200_Every day in the news, I hear something negative about law enforcement officers. It kind of burns my  biscuits – and I don’t need any help burning biscuits. Why would people make a general statement about police officers and how they hate them – when not all police officers are bad people. In fact, some of the law enforcement officers who have been harmed or targeted have not even belonged to a police department, but have been a deputy in a sheriff’s office or a highway patrol officer.

There are differences.

I wrote a long-winded essay and spiced it up with some interviews I have done through the years with some of the best of the best LEOs. I edited it -so you know there may be a few boo boos.  I sat on it for a while.

It is dedicated to the Dallas V and Officer Tim Smith.

Then I decided to to do it. I self-published it on Amazon through Create Space. It is a simple read with facts, figures, thoughts and things that would make you go MMMMMM – along with a few interviews.

To remind us all that law enforcement officers are people too. Sure their lives matter.

My life matters. Your life matters. Clown lives matter too.

The book is on Amazon – click here to get it. Behind the Thin Blue Line.

Again the goal for this published essay is to remind people of the good, the reality and the positive.

What you get out of it is all up to you.

Please feel free to share the link!Thanks for your support. (Oh and don’t forget, Book #1 was self published too.  Click here to get it. Toby Does Marshall.

We back the blue at my house as long as they do right.
We back you too as long as you do right.
Becky Holland/TCM Ink


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