Perspective ….

By Becky Holland, B.S., M.S.C.E.

That looks kind of funny. Every once in a while, I will see someone post their credential initials after their name – you know, like Phd, etc etc. I thought, well, I have two degrees, why not try it.

Except one of my degrees is a bachelor of science – but the initials make it look like something crude. But then, my bachelor of science is in English/journalism ironically.

Mmm. What do those initials behind your name really mean?

The possibilities for a wordsmith looking at my initials are endless, and could prove to be quite funny.

Which is kind of why I am writing this epistle.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are or what you, your name or title or how many prizes you give away or famous people you know, really doesn’t mean a hill of beans in the grand scheme of every day life.
I have met and interviewed a former President of the United States, two professional athletes, four D1 college coaches, 15 to 20 authors, 8 musicians and even got interviewed on the BBC myself.  I was quoted in the New York Times – not once but twice. My articles have been published in 28, give or take a few, publications online and in print.

When I was little, I got Ron Howard’s autograph. Shoot, when I was little,  I got Ali’s autograph. When I was younger, my sister took me to see scenes from the show, ‘Dallas,’ filmed. (Do ya’ll remember the guy who played Mark Grayson? He smiled at my baby nephew.)

I have shared the stage with some well-known motivational speakers, and introduced a few. I helped organize two college coaches’ clinics that included some SEC coaches, like Dennis Franchione (formerly of Alabama.)

In fact, when former President Jimmy Carter and his wife found out I was leaving their hometown newspaper, both were shocked. He told my publisher ( and there were witnesses), “Dan, can we take up a collection or pass the plate to keep her here?”

Yeah, that was pretty cool.

Even with all that cool stuff, and the connections I have made through the years, I really have nothing to show except a lot of good memories and stories told. If I had a $1 for every one of those experiences, I wouldn’t owe for college loans or be in debt to certain businesses or people. I would drive an 11 year old car with faded paint. Well, I might do that, because it is FINALLY mine. I still have bad moods. I still make people angry. I still burn toast and I still keep a lousy house. Oh, and I am still overweight. I still had my menopause breakdown (not once but twice, lord help my family and friends!)

Your toys, your connections to famous or well-known people, the times you got to go behind the scenes or backstage and your credentials after your name might give you a little happy dance or two, but in the grand scheme of life, means nothing.

Your actions mean so much more. It is in how you talk to someone, how you treat someone and how you respond to everyday life that means more than the $$$ and the initials after your name or the people you know or the type of car you drive.

I am sitting at work, and I think about all the times that I was kind to someone to just be kind and not to get any kind of praise or recognition. I thought about how many times I did something nice or said something nice – not out of obligation, but just because.

Sadly, I can say that list wasn’t as long as the other list.

I wear a bracelet that says ‘I am Second.’  It is supposed to remind me that in my life, God is top priority and I am not.  I fail at that a lot. I can see evidence of that in my writing, my conversations, even with my mom and at home when I am hanging out with my dog.

A lot of times, I make things all about me.

Reality is, it is not all about me. For two solid weeks, I got off my game plan – by that I mean, i was not focused on hearing or listening to God. I stalked people on Facebook and social media. I spent more time woe as meing. What happened? Nothing really. Just got focused on life and not focused on the positives, the blessings and putting God first.

When you give God the best of your time, the best of you and all of you, everything else gets taken care of.

And you don’t have to have a lot of credentials after your name or have an ice cream truck or known famous people or post pictures all over Facebook or create fake accounts to praise yourself. You certainly don’t have to lie, cheat or steal or crash someone else’s name.

Just be who He wants you to be. That should be enough.

Just my perspective.



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