Post-menopausal life

Menopause is a condition that sends men into hiding, children into their rooms, and someti11953231_1652953094945744_1622979667633494196_nmes under their beds and coworkers cowering behind doors.

Women actually go through the condition, but it can impact everyone.

The change of life happens when a woman has her female hormones effected by either a hysterectomy or natural causes in life.Some women get moody. Some don’t. Some women experience hair loss or even hair growth in places they didn’t know hair could grow. Some women (like me) become fluffy – obese. While others stay the same weight.

Many jokes have been made about women and menopause – most from the women going through the menopause. And rightfully so – if you can’t laugh about a hot flash or memory loss or a little weight gain, than what can you laugh at?

I started menopause early – thanks to Ovarian Cancer. I had a hysterectomy which means  all my female parts were gone. Plus, I have no thyroid.  So, watch out world – my hormones were disappearing.

Talk about being out of whackadoodle.

Those close to me will tell you I was a little off my rocker for a few years – one minute I was up, one I was down and one I was just totally nutsy. Even I couldn’t explain it.

The day I went to the doctor and he did my hormone check, and it read that I was in “Post menopausal stages of life” I have to say I rejoiced.

And I think so did my family and closest pals.

If I had any advice for any woman about surviving menopause, I would say four things. 1. Laugh at yourself. This too will pass – so why stress?  2. Pamper yourself.  Be it by having a bubble bath, taking a walk, riding a bike, reading a book. going shopping, zoning out, petting the dog or just going and gorging on a Big Mac- just do something for yourself. 3. Don’t feel guilty for being emotional. 4. Don’t think about things. Just let it go and live life.

Oh, and keep in close contact with your doctor. (Not the doctor on WebMd, but your doctor, doctor.)

Oh, one more, don’t forget to breathe in and out.(Becky Holland/TCM Ink(


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