The mouse family reunion

cropped-c55a64df7a23400f69a29f108868bbed.jpgBy Becky Holland,

And all was quiet in the house – nothing could be heard, not even the pitter patter of the mice creeping around the pantry, the storage closet and the attic.

Ha! That is so not true.

A few months ago, I moved into an older house in rural Texas. The day we moved in, there were little droppings of something all over the carpeted floor. Not very familiar with such a sight, I was a little taken a back when I was told it was from mice.

The carpet was changed. Tobias and I moved in. Every once in a while, we would see a little evidence here and there that a mouse had been through, but never saw one, nor could we catch one. As the temperature got cooler around the middle and end of September, around the time of festivals and homecomings, the mice decided to host a family reunion in my house.

Toby, my heroic canine, was the first one to see a mouse. I was sitting on my bed when I noticed him running across the room going 100 miles a minute. In a few seconds, I saw the mouse scurry back – going faster than Toby, with Toby chasing after it.

This little race went on for about five minutes, and Toby collapsed in a heap at my feet, panting. He looked at me, like ‘What was that?’

I immediately got a message to the landlord. Glue traps and mouse guard traps topped the grocery list and dollar store list and Walmart list two or three times a week for the next six weeks.

After the 12th mouse took a rest on a glue trap,  it dawned on me – the mice were having a family reunion.

Poor Toby kept watch each night, standing at the doorway to the kitchen, at the stove and by the pantry. In fact, his pacing wore out a pathway from all three areas. The mice continued to hold their reunion party daily, and daily, one or two of them would take a rest on a glue trap. After which, I would take them out to the blue trash can so they could travel on to their next place of residence.

Toby lost about 10 pounds – no not really. He didn’t have to go to the gym. He and one or two of the mice would go running together quite often.

There were several mice who would be a little tricky and sneak the bait off of a trap, and one time, when I set the guard trap, got all the bait off without even making the trap close. Sneaky little party critters. Poor Toby put his paw in a stick trap one day, and I got my finger caught in a trap.

After day 10 and mouse number 26, Toby looked at me and looked at the mouse behind the fridge, and shook his head. He went and laid down on the couch and put his head on his paws. His eyes were tired. He had not had a real night’s sleep in days.

I think he was telling me that it was time.

The war began … our doors were closed to anymore family reunion time for the mice. At total count, there had been 42 enjoying a six week long vacation at Casa de Toby.

Toby still walks around the house, sniffing for unwanted guests. We have discovered a few here and there but those we think were late to the party to begin with. They left as quickly as they arrived.rt.

Toby and I are checking out of Casa de Toby ourselves, and headed to Hotel de Hall and then to The Villa de Holland where we hope to stay a while.

In the meantime, Toby has entered therapy for his fear and anxiety of mice.

Oh, and if you want to catch a mice and let it be humane – grab a glue trap with bait and ad a half of a peanut. Apparently, that is the drug of choice of the mice these days.


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