The Donald wins

ddddddBy Becky Holland,

The hour was late, or early, depending on how you would like to look at it, or from wherever you were at that moment.

But Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 1:56amCST, and 2:56amEST,  the United States of America saw the face of the new President Elect, and heard him speak.

Yes, I said, him. Billionaire businessman Donald Trump won the election to become the 45th President of the United States.  Secretary of States Hillary Clinton had called him earlier to concede and offered her congratulations.

A lot of us breathed a sigh of relief – us being media outlets who were waiting to make our deadlines. This Election Day and the whole campaign, I must say, bordered on, at times, the ridiculous, the bizarre and meanness. And that just wasn’t from the presidential candidates, oh no, that was from supporters of both candidates.

The Presidential Campaign of 2016 will certainly go down in history as one like no other.And we thought the voting fiasco in Florida was rough.

This will have been my fifth or sixth Presidential election to cover as a member of the print media. If I had to choose which one that I enjoyed the most, I would have to say this one, even though this one also disgusted me at times. I covered history being made twice when Obama, an African American was elected. I covered it when Bush – the son was elected twice and when Bill Clinton was impeached. Having Hillary Clinton elected would have been a notch in the belt of history making events as a woman being elected President surely would have rocked the textbooks and probably broken the Internet for good.

Even though I am not a big fan of The Donald, I have to say he has given us years of entertainment even before he threw his hat in the ring for President officially. Look at all the television shows and movies he has been spotlighted on or even starred in. Who could forget him stopping to help the little lost boy, Kevin, in Home Alone?

His marriages and divorces have been entertaining somewhat as well. The Donald loves the ladies, and spending money. That is one characteristic flaw about him that bothered most of all. Well, that and his temperament. Still a little doubtful about how he will handle being President in times of terrorism, potential war and such. Can’t you just seem him hollering ‘You’re Fired,’ to Castro or any of those other hooligans who rise up against the USA?

He has never held political office. But then we did have another President who had never held political office before he was elected – do you know who that was? I will let you research that and you can put some feedback.

Even with all my doubts, as a Republican, I have to stand for the principles of my party and the leader my party chooses.

I won’t say I voted for him. I won’t say I voted for Hillary either. Only five people in my life know who I voted for. Well, six if you count my dog. That is all that matters.

What I will say is that the election is over, and it is time to move forward.

The Donald may surprise those who have had doubts about him. I will give him this – he is a billionaire and in the business world, you have to be pretty smart to have gained the financial and material assets he has. Or you have to know who to put around you that knows how to do those things.

Four years with the Donald and his family in the White House will be different. In fact, I predict will be in for lots of adventures.

You know, tonight, I prayed Jeremiah 29:11 to God. I knew He already knew who was going to be elected – regardless if it was my candidate or not. I also know that God knows what every day’s outcome will be. So I prayed that He fulfill His promise for all of us – the one He promised in Jeremiah.

Even for The Donald and Hillary – at that time, there was still the  big debate on who had the most electoral votes.

I love books. In fact, I am a book snob. I read all sorts of books. How do I pick the book? I look at the cover. Then I look at the back cover. Then I skip through some pages and read it. Then I pick it up and buy it.

See I figure if I only buy a book because of the cover, I might be missing out on a fantastic read.

If we all judge The Donald on what we have seen or heard from his past until now, well, we might actually miss out on a pleasant surprise.

God changed Saul to Paul and Paul did a mighty work. Who’s to say that isn’t happening or couldn’t happen to The Donald?

I also know – that God is the real one in control, and there is no reason to fear any mess The Donald or any governmental leader could make.

Why? Romans 8:28 stresses – good stuff will happen to those who love, follow and trust God.

Congratulations President-Elect Trump. I am praying for you.  (PS Not all media are bad. In fact, journalists lives matter too. Just sayin’!)

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