Cowboys and late night thinking

J and T are watching the Cowboys play ….1111161541

By Becky Holland

The Dallas Cowboys won tonight. This will be their eighth win in a row – the first time this has happened for the boys from the Big D since Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett, Robert Newhouse, the Pearsons, Too Tall Jones and Randy White played.

You know – that was in the mid to late 1970s, and that was when the Cowboys were truly America’s team.

I remember those days. My whole family would gather to watch the Cowboys’ play. I would sit as close as I was allowed to cheer them on. We used to have this big old wooden desk – a green one – that had a big drawer I could fit into. Our television sat on top.

That was my special seat.

We lived in Murphy, Texas then. Everyone was a Cowboys’ fan, and we regularly had Cowboys’ day at school.

Tonight, my Facebook feed was full of positive affirmations for the Cowboys. I even heard hooting and hollering from the house where I am as the Cowboys won. My parents conveyed their joy over the Cowboys’ win over the phone.
I can’t help but laugh a little. The Cowboys have always been my favorite professional team – even since I was five years old. I am 46 now. Though we have had some moments as of late – especially with certain personnel we have playing, the Cowboys are the Cowboys after all.

In spite of their crazy antics, lack of wins, the Cowboys still have that foundation that Tom Landry set somewhere deep inside their stadium.
The Cowboys of yesteryear played for the pure joy of playing. They held themselves to certain standards, and 90 percent of the players were Christians, and 58 percent of them were very public about their faith. That always impressed me.

Looking at today’s Cowboys, I can’t help but compare the team of today to all of us living in this materialistic world we live in. We have all changed from back in the day when America’s Team was truly a team to be proud of and for, and oh, those battles between the Cowboys and Steelers were legendary.

Just as time changes people and things, so does technology and with technology comes the better chance for a player (or a person) to enhance skills, and to enhance skills means dollar signs.

Sometimes i think today’s professional athlete really doesn’t care that much about playing like they did in little league and pop warner. Or I should say, some of today’s pro athletes. I don’t want to be accused of judging all pro players by a few conceited bad apples.

We humans have gotten that way. We want, want and want. We gripe. We complain. We vent. We are never happy until we get some. We are never happy until we go beyond what is expected.
We forget what it was like in yesterday times – when life was simple, and it didn’t matter if you kept up with the Jones or wore name brands.
I miss that sometimes. I know change must happen, but maybe if we focus more on the intangible instead of tangible things, we will be OK?

I am rambling tonight. Sorry. Go Cowboys…..


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