The Case of the 51 Field Mice

thWSGW5CENBy Becky Holland

Mice are little annoying creatures with their beady eyes, long tails and creepy looking legs and paws. They scurry here and there, and leave piles of nastiness – black piles of beads in drawers, clothes baskets and in cracks and crevices

If you live in the country, it is expected to have one or two mice come a calling when the weather changes to cooler weather. If you live in an old farmhouse, not only is it expected, it is normal.

STOP … Who am I kidding? Mice are creepy.

A few months ago, I moved into an older house in a rural community in Texas. It was a little big for me and Tobias – my dog, but we moved on in. The day we moved in, the carpet was filled with black turds. The landlord said she was having the carpet changed and have it exterminated.

I didn’t think much of it, until one day, my dog went bananas. He was chasing a mouse all through the house, and the mouse scurried into the pantry. I opened the pantry – and there were two mice daring me to play “Marco Polo” with them.

What many don’t realize is I have a deep rooted fear of mice – and I am not talking about the animated kind – Mickey, Minnie, Jerry, Speedy Gonzalaz I can handle.

But ole’ Homer, Henrietta, Cornelius, Rowdy, Roger, Eddie, John, Lester, Marco and the rest of the country cousins twice removed of Mickey who decided to use my house as their headquarters – well – um, no.

In seven weeks time, we caught 51 mice – one night we caught 12. I see the ews and the shakes and the gross.

Next time someone tells me they have a mouse problem, and they say they have only- I  caught three or four – I will laugh. I have got them beat – 9 in one hour. I have pictures.

After weeks of no help from the landlord and such, and spending my own money for traps and sprays, I decided it was time for me and Tobias to move. We are ‘semi-homeless’ right now – staying with a sweet couple – until our new house is ready for move in.

I think when I did the final walk through, I could hear a standing ovation and a hooping and hollering from the little field mice and all their kin.

As my dad says, stuff like that is a part of life. He is right. It is not a pleasant part of life, but it is one – and we will survive -we have so far.
Today, I can say, no mouse died on our watch. Well, one did but it was his own fault. He was a little bit out of shape, and after a run though the house with Toby, he collapsed.

There were a few mice though who were bit tricky. A little like the Roadrunner getting out of Wil E. Coyote’s traps.

But we finally figured out the best way to get ’em. Get the glue trap, the non-toxic kind that already has bait, and stick it near the holes or places where they might sneak in – near the laundry hook-ups, near the fridge hook up, near the oven hook up, a pantry and near your water heater.

Also, use peppermint oil – put it on cotton bolls around the house – i.e. under cabinets, near sinks and in the holes.

It works.

Anyway, Tobias and I are game for anything now – but we’d kinda like a little peace for a while. We have had gangsta chickens, stray cats, the mice family reunion and the moles.

Just rambling about the mice.

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