Don’t go with flow


Those are two phrases that I really have decided that I dislike – “Ride the wave” and “Go with the flow.”

Ride the wave has the same meanings as go with the flow. It means, don’t rock the boat. Don’t worry. Take it easy. Let things happen.

I am not a let things happen kinda girl. Worry is my middle name, but that is something God and I are working on. Scarlett O’Hara certainly didn’t go with the flow. Neither did Michael Jordan, Einstein,  Bach, Beethoven, Hemingway and Billy Graham.

People for most of the last 10 to 15 years of my life have judge me, fussed at me or criticized me for stressing over things, worrying over things and such. I am sure they mean well, but I often wonder if they knew just how much of an opposite effect those ‘allegedly encouraging’ words have had on my life and others.

Going with the flow gives me a picture of someone sitting in a chair on a surfboard, being pulled along by a boat filled with people. There are a bunch of chairs tied to the same boat. Everyone looks the same, acts the same and water still soaks them.

Not being a fan of consistently getting drowned or wet or beat by other chairs, I look for other ways of doing things. Some of my methods may not be the best. But I do it. I have not drowned yet because I went against the flow and didn’t ride the wave.

There are times when turning the other cheek or letting things play out is all well and good, but there is nothing wrong with setting in motion a plan – a plan that will get results.

Even Jesus went a little buck wild in the temple – He had had enough of the craziness, and let it be known.We all know the good Lord didn’t do things the way folks thought He should – He did end up on the cross.

I think when God says let go and let me, He doesn’t mean what we as a society have taken that to mean. God didn’t say stop living. God didn’t say conform to the world. God didn’t say do like everyone else. God said, “Hear me. Obey me.”

He didn’t say go with the flow. He said be my feet, be my hands, be my voice.

Before you tell someone to chill out or go with the flow, think. Are you doing them more harm than good? Are you squashing a dream? Are you putting down the next Einstein? Are you tearing apart the hopes of the next Simone Biles?

(Becky Holland)

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