Rambling about the laundry mat

thWSGW5CENI hear my dryer spinning and the washer going through the second rinse.

My heart does a little dance of joy, and I can’t help but smile.

It has been a long journey, but to finally have a decent, working washer and dryer in my house is a blessing.

After four to five years of having to use laundry mats and second hand machines, you would think I would be polishing and shining those machines daily. (OK, maybe not daily, but at least four or five times a week … just kidding …. twice a week.)

I actually miss having to pile the clothes into the car and heading over to the nearest laundry mat.

Those Sunday mornings or afternoons or Thursday afternoons watching the clothes spin in a cycle on the dryer or fighting the change machine for quarters weren’t always boring, and really not that bad.

You can learn a lot from a laundry mat. Somethings that I saw I can’t repeat here. Like, the day the woman decided to strip down to her underwear in the laundry mat and wash her clothes. She left. When she came back, she had on clothes. I guess, you gotta do what you gotta do. The little kids who would use the rolling carts and pretend they were race cars were always funny – yes, I laughed after I made sure they were OK when they crashed into each other. The bathrooms weren’t clean but you figured out ways to make do. There were smells that didn’t match cleanliness. There were things left that made you wonder if they were dead or alive.

I even got to know the laundry mat managers pretty well. You always wanted to be nice to them – they’d watch your clothes for you if you had to step away.

Didn’t matter if you were black, white, red, yellow, rich or poor, once you came into the laundry mat, you were all equal.

Just a bunch of folks throwing in quarters, folding clothes, watching television and getting high off the smell of Bounce.

I peek outside my  window and notice the houses on my street. There are fancy cars, not so fancy cars, holiday lights and no holiday lights, dogs in yards and not dogs in yards, big houses and small houses.

Not a one of us better than the next. Just a bunch of folks watching television, napping, eating, visiting family, talking on the phone and doing this and that.

Rambling thought about nothing in particular … Just thinking …. Maybe we are not all the same physically, financially, emotionally, spiritually …. But we are just folks living in this world.  Who needs to fit in?  Just go live your life.

Becky Holland/2016

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