When will it end


This shot was seen on Facebook – it is in Americus, Georgia, where one of the two officers who were killed in a senseless act of violence, Officer Smarr was laid to rest. Though sad and tragic, the picture is very telling.

In it, you see firefighters and a few law enforcement officers paying tribute. But then you notice the flag- as it is draped down from high in the sky.

When will this end? When will there be no more killing? When will those who are out there protecting and serving us be safe? When will it be safe for us to walk our dogs on our streets? When will it be safe to drive our cars on the road without fear of being ambushed or a part of a car chase?

Our flag offers us so many freedoms and rights, but in today’s society – which I call the “me society,” those freedoms have been misconstrued and misused – by all of us, even those in leadership roles. Instead of trying to fit in with what the Constitution says, we are trying to make the Constitution fit our wants. Same goes with the Bible.

I think that once we put aside our own egos, our own selves, well, then that is what real change can happen.

I will be real with myself and you, the killing may never end. But it could lessen. The violence could lessen.

How? Put aside “me” and let’s do “we.”

(Becky Holland/2016)

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