The book that stalks me

By Becky Holland

indexMy Christmas coffee cup is full of some decaf coffee with Hazelnut creamer. My Amazon fire is playing a Christmas movie. The dog is exploring the house. The visiting dog is snoring on the bed.

There is a book in my hand – one that I know I should read, but I have been avoiding it. It is not because it is long. It is not because it is a bad story. In fact, it is a wonderful book full of a lot of stories -from murder to adultry to tales of thieves to tales of travel to tales of war and to tales of redemption, joy and happiness.

Being an avid reader, you’d think I would jump at the chance at reading daily in this book – that I would be hungry for the lessons, the entertainment and the education that this book could offer.

I am hungry – for some cheese on saltines with Salsa – the single girl’s caviar. So I pad into the kitchen to fix myself an almost midnight snack. That is when I noticed the book had followed me.  It was sitting on my kitchen counter. In fact, in every room of my house, there is one of these books – different versions – but all telling the same stories.

Putting down my cracker plate, I decide to pick up the book. It is a fine book with brown leather and tailored together. The print is large and easy to read.

The first several pages grab my attention right away – as it is full of surprise, acts of miracles and colorful depictions of the world – the world as it was created. A few more pages in, and there is a story of a man and a woman and a snake. It is even better than anything the National Enquirer or Harlequin can put out.

A few pages get a little long winded as the words continue on and on about family names and who knows who. It reads almost like a society column, but not really.

Then the story gets even better when this guy named Job is put to task and thrown many obstacles, and yet, he keeps on living.
I flip through more pages and find romance, happy stories and family reunion stories.  I find stories about people who come back from the dead, and they are not ZOMBIES. I find stories of people who are healed from being sick. I find a story of those who are given riches who had none. I find stories of bad people being punished for being bad. (About time someone tells some of these folks like it is. Folks turn the other cheek way too much.)

Before I know, I have read so many pages of this book of stories that I want to read more.

I fear that I will do what I do sometimes with a long book . I will read a little and then I will put it down and forget about it. Months can go by and I will read it again.  For some reason though, I think that it won’t be OK to not read this book, but that if I do pass it up once in a while, that somehow sooner or later I will read it.

This book will remain the same. It offers hope, love, redemption, forgiveness, peace, joy and a life full of riches.

Should be a best seller.

Ironically, the Bible is a best seller.
Have you picked up your Bible lately?
John Grisham, Jodi Piccoult, J. K. Rowlings and Nicholas Sparks ain’t got noting on John, Luke, Paul or any of the other writers of stories in the Bible.
Just sayin’.

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