To send a Christmas card or not

imag0650By Becky Holland

It is 12 days away from Christmas, and for the FIRST time ever, I have not mailed out a one Christmas card. This is usually something I have done way before now.

For some reason though, this year, I just couldn’t get into the spirit of going and buying some cards and stamps and addressing them. Now with the holidays really close, I am thinking, whoops. Better do something.

While searching for just the right card, I thought about who all I would send them to and why. Would a card mean something? Would they open it? Why spend money at the holiday that is supposed about giving and about celebrating Jesus? Why commercialize?

I think some of my analysis was my way of trying to cop out of mailing the Christmas cards.

What does a Christmas card actually mean? What is the benefit of sending a card?

Today I was reminded. I got my first two cards – one from my parents and one from my aunt and uncle. Both had written messages of love and encouragement in them, and the cards had verses on them to remind me of the real reason of Christmas. I think I read the card about five times before I got home. I put them in a place of honor. Either way, before I went to bed, I had read those cards at least eight times, and even showed them to the dog. (Hey, it is his world I am just living here.)

Christmas cards connect you to loved ones. It is a way to show each other that you are thinking of them and to bring a little beauty or humor (Depending on what card you send) into someone’s life.

A Christmas card can mean the world to one person, and another person might not even care less. A Christmas card can offer love, can offer a greeting, can offer a hug or even if you are lucky a Starbucks’ gift card. (Hint hint)

A Christmas card is a happiness stuffed in a mailbox.

That is why I decided to go and buy some cards to mail out.  I am all for spreading a little happiness, aren’t you? (Even if it is for $5.99 a box.)

Happy Mailing.



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