The second day of Christmas

imag0656Forget waiting around after the City Council meeting today – I had to hurry home to hide and wait for my special surprise from my special Christmas friends. (Read previous posts about the 12 days of Christmas and first day of Christmas)

Two days ago, an empty stocking was left on my door. I was encouraged to participate in a game where a gift would be left each day for the next 12 days of Christmas. The first night, the secret Christmas folks left a can of pears and a ‘partridge’ they glittered in gold.

I sat in my back room, talking on the phone, and watched the clock.  Toby, my dog, was sitting on the bed, watching me on the floor. It was then that he ran toward the living room and barked crazily out the window, pawing. I was pretty sure that my ‘secret Christmas friends’ were out there, and probably got a little bit of a scare.

I stood in the hallway, and called to Toby to come. Finally he did, and that is when the doorbell rang.

Sitting on my welcome mat was a bag of Turtles candies, and in the stocking was a bottle of Dove body wash. I giggled. The note with it said, “OK, it is that second day, you know the one where you get two turtle doves? On this second day of Christmas, our task was truly clear. For you, we have some turtles and a dove, although they are not the traditional turtle doves. Have you noticed this person really has a thing for bird, partridge last night and now, two more birds. Oh well, whatever. Love Your Christmas Friends.”

imag0660The second note  Read, “The Second Day … On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me two turtledoves. For hundreds of years, Jewish families used turtledoves as offerings to God. The gift of two turtle doves is a reminder of the sacrifice offered for Jesus by Mary and Joseph. When Jesus was 40 days old, they took him to the temple in Jerusalem. They bought a sacrifice of two turtledoves as was required by law. Joseph and Mary took him to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord, and to offer a sacrifice in keeping with what is said int he law of the Lord – a pair of doves of two young pigeons.’ Luke 2:22-24.”

After attending a governmental meeting, where many different types of personality were and lots of opinions were expressed, I was tired. i had been feeling tired of dealing with the ugliness in this world – not necessarily from that meeting.

What a sweet gesture that stirs up anticipation, excitement and hope – three feelings that imag0658God wants us to have about living for Him daily.  Even a traditional non-religious Christmas song like the 12 Days of Christmas has a foundation in the work of the good Lord.

And Turtle candy – mmm. I think I have found my newest addiction.

(Becky Holland)

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