Doorbell on the Third Day

imag0685On the third day of Christmas, my true love sent to me:three French Hens
two Turtle Doves and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

For the past three days, some unknown persons have been leaving little gifts for me in a stocking on my front door, along with notes – one explaining the gift and two discussing the gift and the symbolism connection to the Lord Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas.

Being away from my family and friends in Madisonville/Huntsville and in Georgia, for some reason, the holiday spirit hasn’t clicked with me.

SO when I received the first anonymous note, I was like – mmm.  I don’t like attention – I really don’t and have never been on the receiving end of such. I called my 83-year-old father and asked him – should I? He was like yeah.

What is fun about this is every night after the gift shows up, they ring my doorbell and they go away. Me and Toby run to the door.  I will blog about it here and then I call my dad and we talk about, they laugh and share. Friends on Facebook in Georgia can’t wait to see what pops up on my welcome mat.

Tonight I was a bit apprehension. Three French Hens … Ya’ll know me and Toby have a thing for gangsta chickens. (For the first six months I was here – we lived in the country, and one of my neighbor’s chickens loved to parade up and down the street and loved to roam in my yard.)

On the porch though, we found a box of French Vanilla International Coffee and French Vanilla Hot Chocolate. (my favorites)

IMAG0681.jpgThe notes are shown – and the explanation of the French Hens in conjunction with Christ was something I didn’t know.  The three birds (french hens) were valuable poultry during the 16th century – only the rich could afford them. These hens represented what the wise men  brought when Jesus was born.

Christmas is because of Jesus’s birth – He is the first Christmas gift ever recorded. His life with us was full of adventures. The goodness and the way He helped people allows us to be excited, to be filled with happy anticipation, to wonder what is next.

Kind of like me – I had become an old melancholy cynic in the last two and half years.


My secret Christmas friends in choosing this house to leave a Chrisimag0683tmas stocking for the 12 days of Christmas and share the Christmas story with me has really made my day.

The connection of it all – what is God trying to do with this for me? I don’t know. I can’t wait to see what happens next.
Off to enjoy some French Vanilla coffee and a Turtle while looking at my partridge.
Becky Holland (2016)


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