On the fifth day, the doorbell …

imag0735By Becky Holland

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love brought to me, five GOLDEN RINGS. Blah, blah, yadda yadda ….

For the past five days, between 8-9pm, the doorbell to our northeast Henderson County home has rung, and on the porch in a Christmas stocking has been a gift connecting to each day of the song 12 Days of Christmas. They call themselves ‘Your Christmas Friends.’

imag0733Anticipation, hope and childlike excitement have taken over this cynical, sassy 46 year old small town newspaper editor. I sit eagerly waiting, talking on the phone, writing, playing the dog or binge watching Friends on NetFlix or reading up on my latest addiction – coffee and Kcups.

As soon as the doorbell rings, I sit there for a few minutes, giving the anonymous people a chance to get-a-way. Toby will look at me and then he jumps and runs with me to the door.

Tonight was no different. We hurried to the door. The stocking was sitting there.

On the fifth day, I got two cans of pineapple slices.  Woohoo! My favorite fruit! The letters tonight (notes come with each gift) – explained the meaning of the golden rings and compared them to the Scriptures.

Whomever is doing this – all I can say is thank you. The anonymous idea is fantastic. I really don’t know if I want to know who it is. I can’t wait until each day to see what happens.

Five golden rings – pineapples …imag0731

Lesson Learned So Far: Life is meant to be lived in anticipation of what happens next – not in nervous anticipation but just with joy, happiness and eagerness. Hope for the good is better than being cynical. 



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