On the sixth day …

imag0817By Becky Holland

The doorbell rang at 20 minutes past eight. Toby popped up from his lazy posture on his bed and looked at me. “It is time,” Toby’s face seemed to say to me. “OK, come on.” I reached down and picked him, and we walked to the door.

It is the sixth day in the 12 Days of Christmas game that an anonymous group of people calling themselves my “Christmas Friends” have been playing with me. They anonymously leave gifts on my door in a Christmas stocking that correlate with the song = The 12 Days of Christmas. (Read the past posts on this blog.)

Along with the gifts, I end up getting two notes – a funny one and a serious one that talks imag0821-1about how the gifts relate to scripture.

Lessons learned: It is better to give than receive, and no matter what we think, do or say, God is always with us. In Him alone we find satisfaction.

Tonight, Saturday, is the sixth day. The sixth day of Christmas is six geese a laying. My stocking was laying on my door step. Inside it were six large, brown eggs.

I got eggs. Six eggs, large eggs and they were brown – almost golden. Eggs symbolize new life. Six geese laying eggs become reminders of the six days of creation when God by His Word, brought forth life on earth.

Mmm. God uses everything to teach us – even eggs.


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