Day Eight in 12 Days

imag0843By Becky Holland

For the past six days, surprises have been left anonymously at my door in a Santa stocking with two notes – a funny one and one that compares the gift to Biblical teachings. It has all been based on the 12 Days of Christmas.

Don’t know who is doing it. To be honest, don’t want to know. A large part of me doesn’t want it to be revealed the identity of the givers. It kind of adds to the anticipation, eagerness, hopefulness and purpose of the whole project.

Tonight, Toby, my dog, and I were messing around the house. I was folding clothes and he was unfolding the clothes. I had gone to put some clothes in the dryer and was walking back down the all when Toby ran toward the front door.

He sniffed around and I could hear him at the window. Looking at the clock, I noticed it was after 8. It was time for our sweet Christmas friends to drop the next gift.

Toby ran to where I was, and nudged at me. I looked at him. “We have to wait.” The doorbell rang. I hung up some clothes and lollygagged toward the door. Toby was beyond excited.

Day Eight – Eight Maids a Milking is what my true love gave to me.

We found a box of strawberry breakfast bars and a box of Strawberry mix for milk. The note said something about the milk maids heading off to “strawberry fields.”

I couldn’t help but smile. Strawberry milk was my favorite, and I had not had any in a long time.  Today I had something about wishing I had gone to the store to buy breakfast bars. (No, I don’t think my boss is my secret Christmas friend.)

The eight maids a milking, according to the Biblical list correspond with the eight unique teachings of Jesus sometimes called the Beatitudes. These words of Jesus are to nurture and strengthen us – like milk nourishes us.

Read Matthew 5:3-12.

Lesson: God can use anything to affirm to us His love and teach us how to live. He can even use the lyrics to a song. (And strawberry milk too) .

Headed off to grab some strawberry milk before bed.


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