On the 10th day

IMAG0870 (1).jpgBy Becky Holland

On the 10th day of Christmas – my true love gave to me 10 lords a leaping ….

Mmmm. I was excited about the prospects of gifts on Day 10. And my secret Christmas friends didn’t disappoint.

Today, I got a bag of gingerbread cookies. The 10 lords a leaping couldn’t be persuaded to come visit my house. The Christmas friends related the 10 lords a leaping to God’s important 10 rules for us to live by. Just as we shouldn’t have any lords before God, we also should be focused on those commands God gives.

Whomever is doing this 12 Days of Christmas game has put a lot of thought in the notes they have written and scripture verses they have shared, as well as with the gifts.

My family in middle Georgia and north Georgia  have gotten involved in this little game. They can’t wait to hear. Friends in Georgia look forward to reading this blog to find out what has happened when the door bell rang each night.

The dog has even gotten used to the routine. He barks, and waits, looking at me. When i start for the door he follows me, and waits for me to pick him up and open the door.

It has made this Christmas fun. I kind of don’t want to know who this giving me the gifts. I  don’t want to spoil their game, but the whole idea of not knowing still adds to the anticipation, the hope and wondering.

Off to enjoy a glass of strawberry milk and a gingerbread cookie. ‘Night all.

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