Hollywood for life?


By Becky Holland 

Whoopi Goldberg starred in a movie that was a surprise to several of the viewers, and  slipped through the media’s attention span. Called “A Day Late and A Dollar Short,” the film was a Lifetime movie that made it to DVD.

Based on the New York Times bestseller by Terry McMillan, author of “Waiting to Exhale” and “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,”  “A Day Late and a Dollar Short,” follows Goldberg’s character, Viola Price, who is  a mother determined to help repair her dysfunctional family before her death.It is one of those films that will have you cuddling your sofa pillow, your dog or wanting to snuggle with your family – toward the end anyway.
At least I did anyway. Since, Toby, my canine roommate, was the only one in the room with me, I, of course, reached for him.

Toby, laying beside me, gave me a look that said, “Touch me and I will tear your favorite teddy bear to pieces.”

He is not always an affectionate dog.

So I grabbed my pillow.

Funny isn’t it, how a movie or a book that is well-written or well-produced or well-acted can make a grown woman, and even some grown men, just cry and boohoo?

Oh, don’t deny it. I have seen some of ya’ll come out of the theaters, stare dumbfounded at a television screen and start sniffling at those scenes too.

Hollywood knows its business, that is for sure.

Recently, I downloaded “Heaven is for Real” on my Amazon Fire.  I was not sure I was going to like the movie. But I wanted to see what everyone was talking about. I had read the book and thought it just was like most other I’ve been to Heaven and I have died books, or so I thought.

As I watched the movie, I felt a mixture of emotions – from sadness, anger, drama, encouragement and even relief.

Of course, there was a lesson or two that I took away from the movie.

One of the main lessons was that belief in ourselves, in each other and most importantly, in the good of people.

Have you ever noticed how much complaining and how much fussing that we as humans do? And how much talking at each of that we do? How much preaching we do about what is wrong with the world and each other?

I do it. Sometimes I think we forget there are good people, good things, good stuff, etc … in the world.

We just have to look for it. If Hollywood can find it, and show it to us, why can’t we see it first?

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