How did you and Daddy meet

12548958_221291111539659_1870482933678710452_nBy Becky Holland/Gerry Holland
Questions asked of my mother (Two Years Ago)

“When I finished 11th grade, we were getting ready to move to Eastman GA. Grandpa Madison had been called to pastor a church in Dodge County. Sad to move as I was going into 12th grade. I thought I was going to Middle Georgia College in Cochran. However as we arrived and Zebulon Baptist became our new church home I had my first regular job as piano player there. Also the people at Dodge had seen me cheerleading when they played Hawkinsville,and I became a cheerleader immediately. Daddy had graduated and worked at the base…but he came back to basketball games and visited Zebulon church with friends. There he says he noticed me playing the piano, and asked a friend to get him a date!

I refused to go until he called me and asked himself…which he did. I graduated, got an engagement ring, and never started MGC..his work at the base was good enough he could afford to build us a small house on an acre next to his parents. Within a year he  felt a call to preach and decided to go to Texas (another story)!

We checked out ETBC (now ETBU) and sold our house, bought a Trailer home and pulled it to Marshall/ETBC. The rest is the history of our family that you know”. – Gerry Holland

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