Nana’s Thoughts On Coffee

12439429_246190245728367_5046662297159012217_nGerry Holland, 81, doesn’t remember the first time she ever drank coffee, but she said, “I remember when it was. I was in my 20s, and it was right after we got married … we’ve been married for 58 years … and someone had given us a percolator for a wedding gift … and on our first day in our home, when he had to go to work, I got up and made us a cup of coffee.”

She smiled, “We didn’t drink much then.” It was not until the couple moved to Marshall, Texas, shortly after they got married to attend East Texas Baptist College (now East Texas Baptist University), that “we really got hooked … that was when everyone was making pots of coffee to study by and stay awake.”

Gerry  said, “I am really not that picky … just as long as my cup of coffee is hot.” Where James Holland drinks his coffee black, his wife said, “I like to use half and half or just regular creamer.”She said that having a cup of coffee brings a feeling of “calmness and pleasure.” With her coffee, she enjoys a bagel, “I am not a dough-nut person … whenever we go to a coffeehouse, I like to get a bagel.”

Gerry said, “I had a cup of coffee with breakfast, lunch and at dinner, and I will probably enjoy a cup of decaf while I watch television.”And with that, she took a sip of coffee.

(Reprint from an article by Becky Holland, 2011, on National Coffee Day)

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