On the 11th day …

51558154By Becky Holland

On the 11th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, 11 pipers piping.

Just as children were known to follow the pied piper in the old nursery rhyme, Jesus is the “piper” in this story – with 11 disciples following Him unconditionally, willingly and wanting to learn. It is the same message for Christians today – follow Him gleefully.

Ironically, there were no pied pipers waiting on my doorstep tonight when the doorbell rang after nine . I have to admit, I had fallen asleep reading, when Toby barked. When we got to the door, the motion detector light was still on, and the stocking lay on the ground.

Inside it were two notes -one explaining they couldn’t get the pipers because it would be too noisy for the neighborhood – the other detailing what I mentioned in the first paragraph.

There was a CD of Christmas tunes in the stocking. Though I don’t have a way to play the Joyful Christmas, with no computer that has a CD in it or a radio, I will treasure this CD and listen to it one day. Names on it include Tony Bennett, Susan Boyle and Celine Dion. (I dig Christmas music all year round.) May give myself a CD player for Christmas or hey, the birthday is coming up. As my dad said, “You will listen to it one day.”

With tomorrow being the last day, there was a post script that said they would be at my door with a reprise of the week and my gift after midnight or around 2am. Mmm, I thought, mmm. Probably not a good idea – as I am usually out like a light around that time – even when I try to stay up. At the end of the PS was a parenthesis that said, Just Kidding. 

When I called my dad, he said, “If they are not at your door by 8:30pm, then I would stay up.” Bring on the coffee I guess.

It has been such a nice 12 days of Christmas with these little surprises and not knowing who the secret Christmas friends are, and being able to share their ministry with all of my blog followers and Facebook friends and family who are so far away. It is has been almost like they were here.

I hate to see it in end. Kind of don’t want to know who the Christmas friends are. It adds to the mystery and gives me some anticipation of people when I meet them.

Either way, will let you know tomorrow what is next.
Until then , have a peaceful night.


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