What is your best childhood memory

12439429_246190245728367_5046662297159012217_nI asked these questions of my 80 year old mother – well, she is 80 plus now. had lost these answers, but now I found them.  (Becky Holland)

What is your best childhood memory?
Today, I told Daddy some things from five years to 5th grade, which I consider my childhood. During ages 5 years until 9th grade we lived not far away or right next door to my Madison grands. The Poplin ones were just an hour or two away. We spent much time and did many childhood firsts at these two places. The eating was important. Both had gardens and fruit trees, and I thought everybody picked and ate from the garden. This was memorable about the years before teen years. Can still see those beans snapping into the pan, and apples peeled and cooking in a pie, potatoes being mashed up with butter and milk, making a table full of THE BEST FOOD!- Gerry Holland

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