A twist of time

41xm2eqnd8l-_sx329_bo1204203200_Book Review By Becky Holland
A Twist of Time 
By Julie McElwain
Pegasus Books

ISBN: 978-1-68177-364-3

Rating: 4 stars

Not a bad book. Not a great book. Kind of like a happy medium. Entertaining, yet tiring at the same time.

The story combines two worlds – what is happening in 1815 and the 21st century as  Kendra Donovan, a former FBI agent, fights for her life, and the love of her life – a Duke’s nephew. It is almost as if this story was read before somewhere – but not sure. Or maybe Hollywood had told this story before?  Except by using comedy and less offending crimes?

There is time “travel,” mystery, fantasy, romance and murder all wrapped up int 460 plus pages. It reads like a fantasy soap opera with a little bit of Jane Austen, and maybe some Hemingway rolled into one. Some people consider it to be a fine piece of “art” – this book, and I am sure it is, for those who like this type of genre.

Needless to say, I give Ms. McElwain props as she did provide a rousing game of who done it and why that led to a leisurely afternoon of reading and sipping hot tea while listening to the rain.

Read it – like I said, it was not bad. I recommend it just because I would love the comments.



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