And on the 12th day – wow!

unnamedBy Becky Holland

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love brought to me 12 drummers drumming.

Anticipation was building as the clock came close to 8. Would there be a BIG Reveal – would I find out who my 12 Christmas friends were? What would tonight’s gift be?

A quick follow-up – 12 days ago, a stocking appeared on my door. Every day for 12 days, an anonymous giver has given me a gift that relates to the song 12 Days of Christmas. (Refer to old blogs) Also in that gift has been a humorous note and a Scriptural lesson.

Tonight was the last night.

When the doorbell rang, I couldn’t decide what to do with Toby, so I grabbed him up and walked to the front door.

I breathed in and opened it. There stood my secret Christmas friends  holding gifts and smiles. Not sure if my mouth fell open or not. I wouldn’t have guessed this group of people at all. Toby didn’t bark. He didn’t growl. He seemed AOK with the strangers.

We invited them in, and chatted abit about the reasons being their “game” and they shared how it all started. My heart was overwhelmed, and I shared with them how their willingness to follow God and be His servants by spreading His love and sharing the cheer at Christmas had touched my life and many others.

They presented me with 12 Drummers – well – not really – they gave me 12 Drumsticks – you know the delicious ice cream treat. We loved them as kids, and they gave us gift cards. Toby even got a toy – a KONG – which has fast become his favorite in the last two hours. He is laying on it as I write.

An invitation to Christmas dinner was given. I smiled and said thank you. I was sworn to secrecy about their identity – for we don’t want to ruin the surprise for whomever receives the honor of being blessed by the 12 Days of Christmas again.

Reading their notes and reflecting on the past 12 days after they left, I realized what lesson I was to learn. It was not about the giving is better than receiving – which it is. It was not about the true meaning of Christmas – which is very important. It wasn’t for encouragement – which I was encouraged.

We are never alone. God is watching us every step of the way. He sends people and puts them in our path – anonymously, forcefully, for a minute, for a week, for a month, for years or even 12 days – to affirm His unconditional love for us.

This lesson had far more of an impact. Looking around the world today, and seeing all the bad news, hearing all the complainers, seeing the evilness, and being persecuted verbally myself, I had lost sight of something very important.

When you allow yourself to be the one who receives the love and blessings that God gives you – even if it is through a can of pears or a box of hot chocolate or a CD of Christmas songs –  that is when you truly experience fulfillment. It is not in the things – but in the action. Think about it.

To my Christmas friends – you are so awesome and such a blessing. Keep giving. Keeping doing what you do. Praying for you!

There may be a book coming out of this experience after I ponder it awhile. Who knows?

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all!


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