Springtime at Cherry Tree Cottage

51acyj0a3wlBook Review By Becky Holland (Feedback Welcome)
Cathy Woodman’s Springtime at Cherry Tree Cottage
Pegasus Books

ISBN: 078-1-68177-361-2

Ratings: 4.6 Stars

The latest book in the Talyton St. George book series by Cathy Woodman is called ‘Springtime at Cherry Tree.’

Though I have only read one other work by Woodman, I must say that this one was artistically-inclined with its vivid use of imagery through words. Not only could you see the horses, the stalls, you could literally feel the emotions erupting from the pages.

I received this book from Pegasus purely complimentary in exchange for an honest and fair review.

Flick is in need of a change. She detests her sales and marketing job – a job that she took because it was expected of her. The parents don’t know what to think of her decision. Her friends have married and moved away. Her boyfriend dumped her and duped her. 

So she quits it all. She packs everything up, tries to pull her lip from dragging the ground in sadness, and heads to the countryside – close to Talyton St. George so Flick can start her change. She is going to be a blacksmith. Flick falls in love with the work she does and earns herself a good reputation. She focuses on work and that is it. Until the handsome Robbie Salterton rides into the picture. Woodman weaves the story of Flick becoming her own woman in with the a romance she wasn’t looking for with grace and style that you can’t help but become anxious for what is to happen next.

You find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat as you turn page after page, silently cheering and encouraging Robbie and Flick to give in to love.

It was a good rainy Saturday afternoon novel to grab onto, I will give it that. Only reason I didn’t give it a perfect five were some of the connections of characters weren’t very clear, and some of the dialogue read like a typical love story. (I like stories that aren’t typical.)

I highly recommend it. Bravo, Ms. Woodman!

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