Break in Case of Emergency

5113qu-jz-lBook Review By Becky Holland (Feedback Welcome)
Break in Case of Emergency – A Novel
By Jessica Winter

ISBN-10: 110194613X
ISBN-13: 978-1101946138
Knopf Publishing

Ratings: 5 Stars

Break in Case of Emergency – A Novel” has fast become my favorite piece of fiction, and Jessica Winter has fast become a favorite writer with this one tale.

In Break In Case of Emergency, Winter takes Jen – her main character – through the everyday humdrum of life that ordinary folks face. There are issues at work, marital and fertility challenges and then friendships that give life to this satire. It is almost as if Winter is poking a stick of fun at things that stress most of us.

Though there times that the story seemed to take a lot of twists and turns, in the end, between the emotional roller coaster that Jen faced through each minute of her days and the reality of living in this materialistic society we reside, Winter points out valuable lesson.

Jen deals with the narcissistic behaviors of others at work, tensions rise because of marital concerns and she grasps on to a ‘self-help’ foundation that literally isn’t helping her. Jen thinks having a baby could solve all of her stresses – but she can’t even do that. But then there is her art – she is actually good at it.

This is where it all comes down to the end, and makes ‘Break In Case of Emergency – A Novel’ – a fiction tale of work woes, friendship weirdness, marital challenges and self-awareness a book worth loving and reading and rereading.

In the end, Jen gets on the road to become the woman she was meant to be.

Thanks, Jessica Winter for penning it.

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