Shameless Plugging

I am going to do it. I am going to shamelessly plug something  that I have done – in an effort to show that I could do it, I have self- published a few things on Amazon – the first two things kind of quickly and the third thing was more of a learning thing. The last thing was just a thiYes, book41ydgkrensl-_sx348_bo1204203200_s. Most of them are on Kindle and are inddddexdone through Amazon – little books.

The first is Dear Santa, It is Me.    A short light fiction story about the discovery of what brings one joy through letters to Santa as viewed by  a veteran copy editor. ng that I promised someone I would attempt to do.


The second is Behind the Thin Blue Line: A journalist’s look on the inside of the police world. A veteran journalist shares an intimate inside look at the goings on in the police world.

indexThe third was just for fun. It wasn’t edited properly, but was 51c1tmb-igljust my second attempt. It is called Toby Does Marshall: A Dog’s Unofficial Guide to Things to do in Marshall, Texas. I took Toby and drove around different spots in the city of Marshall – great places for folks to see while there.

The first was a Kindle only book. It was done three years ago – called Simply Whisperings. It is a devotional. God speaks to us in so many ways – especially during the hardest of times, but even so during the everyday life moments that we just muddle through. in Simply Whisperings, you can follow a two week journey of just everyday aha moments with God from one without the credentials.

If you click on the blue links, you will find each book and have an opportunity to “support” a “starving writer.” (I smile and look at my overweightness and know I am not starving, but it is a shameless plug.)

Each one of these works is just one more step toward my doing the real thing – writing the real book and getting it really published. Following my dreams – one baby step at a time.

(Becky Holland/2016)

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