Toby Does Marshall

inddddexA Review(shameless plug) by Becky Holland
Toby Does Marshall:  A Dog’s Unofficial Guide For Things To Do In Marshall, Texas
By Becky Holland
Publisher: CreateSpace Indpendent Publishing Platform
ISBN 10: 153286518X
ISBN 13: 978-1532865183

Ratings:  4.4 Stars

A few months back, I was without a job – a full time job. Looking for something to keep me busy, I started taking little ‘road’ trips around the city of Marshall. My mission was to find things that maybe folks had forgotten about that made Marshall a city.

I took my dog, Toby, with me. I took pictures of Toby in front of all these places, and tried to give a little history of each place – most of it found through research, a few of it from personal knowledge.

The self publishing world is new to me. Formatting the pages to fit the needs of CreateSpace was a little unique. Think about it, I am a newspaper trained person. I know print, layout, dimensions and such for a newspaper – not a book.

Toby and I threw caution to the wind and did it. So here it is – want to know something about Marshall, Texas – check it out.




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