Partridge and a Can of Pears

41zuogsqezl-_sx348_bo1204203200_A Book Review
By Becky Holland
Partridge and a Can of Pears
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
ISBN-10: 1541301234
ISBN-13: 978-15141301238

Ratings:  4.3 stars

In A Partridge and  a Can of Pears, the author (me) takes readers on a 12 day tale of  how a family touched her life at Christmas.

A mom and dad wanted to teach their children about the real importance of serving and giving, and how it is better to do both then to actually want or receive. During Christmas, the family chose someone – a stranger – to bless during the holiday. How? By giving them a gift each of the 12 days before Christmas.

Yes a gift. And they did it anonymously.

Changes occurred during the week for the family and for the stranger – some were evident. Some wouldn’t be evident until later this writer is sure.

In the end, the anonymous givers were revealed to the individual, but she was sworn to secrecy.  But the writer couldn’t help but share each gift, each analogy and the Scriptures that were shared.

Why? In the end, the writer shares quotes about kindness. What would the world be like if we all decided to be kind?




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