Need a good read?

Need A GOOD READ-.jpg

By Becky Holland

Maybe this is a little shameless – but in 2016, a dream or two became a reality for me. I published a few things on Amazon. One or two of them weren’t formatted or edited real proper – I hurried through them.

With each publication, I have learned a little something. Even with being in the newspaper business for more than 20 years, I learn something new everyday about writing, telling stories, design and layout and publishing.

In fact, I have become an advocate for anyone who has dreamed of publishing or writing. Writing can be such great therapy.

My dad has done some writing and his book will be published through Amazon on Jan. 3.

Here comes the shameless plug. If you want to check out our work, please feel free to purchase them through Amazon. Also, if you would like some help putting a book together – I do editing, copywriting, design and layout, and am pretty affordable.

Email me at

Happy New Year.


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