Without Credentials

bookcoverimageA Book Review by Becky Holland 
Without Credentials by James C. Holland
To be available January 3, 2017
CreateSpace Publishing 


Ratings: 5 stars 

Genre: armchair philosophy, Christian thinking, non-fiction and fiction



At the age of 83, James C. Holland has seen many seasons of life. The father of three and grandfather of five has put his reflections on his journey in life in a series of books called Without Credentials.

To be available on Amazon, January 3, 2017, this collection of 42 pages of essays, poems and prose – both non-fiction and fiction would be a valuable asset for anyone’s collection.

What makes Holland’s  writings any more unique than any of the other self-help, armchair philosophy or preachy books out there? One, Holland’s use of words is most certainly his own style. Two, the experiences he shares are real, every day life things. And three, well, these writings have come as a result of 83 years of living.

I highly recommend purchasing this – and believe you will really enjoy the stories of LeRoy and Pool of Blood in the fiction section of this book.


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