Seeing the Woods differently

indexThe Wood For The Trees – One Man’s Long View of Nature by Richard Fortey
A Review by
Becky Holland
ISBN-10: 1101875755
ISBN-13: 978-1101875759

Ratings: 4 stars

‘The Wood for Trees – One Man’s Long View of Nature’ appears at first glance to be another attempt at copying Thoreau by a writer. Then, reading the description of the book, you realize it is not – in fact – it is its’ own story.

Richard Fortey, author and scientist, is a landowner as well. This is where the book’s story comes from – when he purchased around four acres of woodland in the Chiltern Hills of Oxfordshire, England. Fortey pens a tale of exactly what he and his family came across with the land.

With each chapter focusing on the different seasons that Fortey experienced each month – from finding mushrooms in the Fall to tree felling in January and so forth, and so forth. Fortey took to learning and observing and taking notes about each plot, each tree and each plant. His depictions are seasoned with some humor and realism making the tale of the ‘forest.’

In the 300 plus pages, Fortey’s pen envelopes the text similar to an artist’s brush does to a palette and a canvas.

Read it.

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