Swimming in the sink

ffSwimming in the Sink – An Episode of the Heart by Lynne Cox
A Review By Becky Holland
Publisher: Knopf
ISBN-10: 1101947624
ISBN-13: 978-1101947623

Rating: 4 Stars

Lynne Cox broke several records as a swimmer. At the age of 15, she swam the English Channel, was the first woman to swim 18 miles across Cook Strait and was the first to swim in 32 degree water for less than 30 minutes, but still, off the Antarctica.

In Swimming in the Sink, Cox weaves through the pages Illustrations of her life – detailing her skills as an athlete who overcomes many hurdles while peppering in the results of the challenges – love, boldness, courage and acceptance. She salts in the tale of her being the caregiver of her elderly parents – and illustrates the heart breaking loss she endured of when they died. Their deaths were followed by the death of her – her companion.

To add to this recipe of loneliness and melancholy, Cox faces a health issue that puts her face to face with the reality of her own death.

So in Swimming in the Sink, Cox stirs in on each page her steps in the life journey that she never expected, and how she found herself again.
Highly recommend this book.

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