Host of Tor books

Tor.Com sent me some books to review – here they are.
By Becky Holland

Impersonations by Walter Jon Williams: Impersonations, from Walter Jon Williams, reminds one of watching a soap opera – so hence the idea of a ‘space opera’/adventure/thriller with his newest novel.

Caroline Sula has been sent to Earth due to her own skills and offending her superiors. Curious about the Earth and its history, Caroline decides to make this a positive thing and look at it as a long vacation. While there, she is surprised by someone who knows her deepest darkest secret. Then, all of a sudden, someone tries to kill her.

Williams proves to be a master wordsmith – his writing is poignant, suspenseful and keeps the reader on the edge their seats.

Four Stars


Hammers on Bone by Cassandra Khaw

Cassandra Khaw is an up and coming author and this is her newest ‘novella.’ The main character is John Persons – a tough-skinned private investigator who ends up with a surprising job and a unexpected a client. He has been hired by a 10-year-old to kill the kid’s abusive and all-around bad guy step-dad. Looking into the mean man, Persons discovers that the man is infected by an alien. Persons, ironically, is no stranger to aliens, demons and such. As Khaw isn’t a bad writer, and the novella was OK, but it was just a pretty typical book, and there were no surprises. It was almost as the story had been read before. Some people might enjoy it. It was not my cup of tea.

Three and half stars


The Warren by Brian Evenson

OK, not a fan. Sorry, Brian Evenson, but this was beyond me. Not alone was a little too much geared toward aliens and just plain ole’ terror. It seems a bit too more focused on melancholy, and deep, darkness. Some people might like – but it was not for me.

Two stars for effort


Proof of Concept by Gwyneth Jones

Science fiction is most certainly Gwyneth Jones’ thing. From her first to her last pages in Proof of Concept, Jones pours her writing skills into putting together a novella filled with aliens, science, fiction, and fantasy. Some would be please – while others would put the book down – saying they were bored to death. For me, I try to give everything a chance. But anyway – this time, even I couldn’t enjoy it. Take your chance. Everyone deserves one.

Two stars 


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